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Textile Coach
Our Product

Our product

The Textile Coach

Currently, BodyGraph is working on the development of the smart shirt: a smart wearable shirt with six sensors woven into the smart textile that gives real-time feedback on your performance and health. Thanks to its accurate readings, the data is translated into concrete personal advice. The smart shirt system consists of three components: the smart shirt, a Bluetooth module and the BodyGraph app. This results in the following:

  • Accurate measurements of six different body signals, including your hydration balance;
  • Real-time advice while you’re training to improve your performance and to make your workouts more efficient;
  • More personal advice that applies specifically to you, due to the use of artificial intelligence;
  • Total freedom of movement, as the sensors have been integrated into the smart textile;
  • The ability to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently, and to follow your progress.

BodyGraph Textile Coach’s possibilities are endless and this platform technology has many different applications. The first application for BodyGraph is the cycle sport in Europe. From this starting point, the goal is to branch out into different sports. Our dream is to make a smart wearable shirt that is worn by everyone to check their health and wellbeing – a personal health coach for everyone.

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The Details

The Details

The BodyGraph Smart Shirt is the first of its kind. There is currently no smart wearable system on the market that uses multiple sensors and that combines this with artificial intelligence that processes the data, so that advice can be given to the user. Smart wearables like the Smart Shirt allow for cost-effective illness prevention and lifestyle governance. In the following paragraphs, you will find more information about the six different bodily functions that the BodyGraph system measures.

The heartrate is one of the most well-known and most important measuring points during your workout. If you start with too much enthusiasm and therefore a heartrate that is too fast, you will get tired more easily. It is better to stay within the designated heartrate zones when you exercise, as this will help you distribute your energy throughout your workout and thereby improve your performance.

Your heartrate recovery time is also important and it gives you an indication of how fast you recover after a workout. This value is of great importance when it comes to determining your progress. Naturally, the BodyGraph technology measures these values.

Even with just a 2% decrease in your hydration levels, you might notice a reduced performance. Because the average person sweats in between 0,8 and 1,4 liters per hour, this means that a 2% decrease can already happen within an hour of exercise. This is why measuring your hydration level is of great importance. With the use of the BodyGraph Textile Coach sensors, it is possible to measure your hydration levels in real time. On the basis of your levels, you will then receive advice detailing when you should drink what amount so that your performance remains optimal.

What do a lie detector and the Textile Coach have in common? Sensors in the shirt measure to what extent the skin conducts electricity. This in turn tells you something about the amount of physical or even psychological exertion. Skin conductance is used to measure electrodermal activity. EDO is often used in psycho-physiological studies and treatments.

During exercise, the body heats up. It starts to sweat in order to cool down. This can often lead to dehydration. Body temperature is mainly influenced by the temperature of the environment and by the intensity of your workout. You cannot always control the temperature of the environment, but you can control the intensity of your workout. This is why BodyGraph also monitors your body temperature.

Breathing correctly is very important if you are achieving peak performance. By measuring your breathing, you will gain insights into the frequency, intensity and length of your breaths, and you can make adjustments. Breathing well improves your stamina, your blood flow and it can help prevent injuries.

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When the measurements of your breathing are combined with those of your heartbeat, the intensity of a workout can be determined more accurately. As there is a relationship between your breathing and your heartbeat, one of them can influence the other. This means that correcting your breathing can help correct your heartbeat, which will influence your workout performance.

Naturally, the BodyGraph system also measures speed and distance and it keeps track of your location. This gives you insights into your progress, for example at a specific distance. In many sports, speed is one of the most important things to train yourself in. Moreover, this data can tell you more about your stronger and weaker points.

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