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Our Product

Our product

BodyGraph is developing a smart wearable shirt that will give accurate measurements and translate these in real personal advice. Our product consist of three parts: the smart shirt with integrated sensors, a Bluetooth module and the BodyGraph app. With this total package we can deliver the following things:

  • Measurements of six different body signals including your hydration level
  • Real-time advice during your training to perform better and optimize your training
  • More accurate and personal advice because of usage of Artificial Intelligence
  • Move freely because of textile embedded sensors
  • Monitor your progress and adjust your training plan to reach your goals faster

The BodyGraph Smart Shirt is a platform technology and can be used for a lot of different applications. Our first application is going to be the cycling sport in Europe. From here on we can expand to other sports and other applications. Our end goal is that everyone will wear a smart shirt to monitor their health and well-being throughout the day, so everyone can become healthier with their own personal health coach.

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The Details

The Details

At this moment wearable systems for continuous monitoring are very limited in their capabilities. There is currently no smart wearable system in the market integrating multiple sensors and combine intelligent processing to support the end-consumer.
Clothing based on full integration of sensors can overcome existing barriers in the use of wearable health systems and be a key enabler technology for cost-effective disease prevention and overall life style management. Please look at our FAQ questions if you have any questions about or product, otherwise you can always contact us using the contact form!

The heart rate is really important parameter during your training. When you go to fast in the beginning of a workout you’ll feel exhausted when you’re just halfway. When training in specific heart rate zones you can divide your energy through the training so you won’t blast out in the first 15 minutes. Another important number is the heart rate recovery (HRR). The HRR tells you how fast you recover after a training. And is crucial when looking at the progress of your fitness level.

The heart rate variability is the difference between the time between the heartbeats. And can tell if you’re negatively affecting their performance and injure their body.

A decrease of hydration level from just 2% can already lead to performance loss. Another fact is that the average person sweats between 0.8 to 1.4 litres per hour during exercise. This means that de decrease of 2% can already happen in less than an hour of exercising. That is why it’s really important to track your hydration level during the training.

With our hydration sensor it is possible to measure the changes of your hydration level real-time. We’ll determine how much and when you need to drink to keep your hydration level stable. Because of this you’ll have one concern less and you can focus on the training.

Skin Conductance is the measurement of the electrical conductivity of the skin. It reflects the level of psychological or physiological arousal, elicited by cognition or emotions. Skin conductance is measured with two electrodes integrated in our Smart Shirt. A tiny bit of current runs from one electrode to the other. The sensor attached measures conductivity of the current running through this circuit.

Measuring skin conductance is based on the following mechanism: Special types of sweat glands respond primarily when the body is sympathetically activated. The more the body is activated, the more sweat is secreted by these glands. Skin Conductance is a way of measuring the Electro Dermal Activity (EDA). EDA is a frequently used measure as it is non-invasive and responds quickly to emotional and psychological stimuli. Historically, EDA is used in lie detection. Nowadays, EDA is often applied in psycho physiological studies and treatment.

During exercise the risk of overheating is significantly bigger. Because your body will heat up it will start sweating to cool down. This can lead to dehydration. So it is important to keep the core temperature low.

The level of training intensity and the environment temperature are the two most important factors that influence the body temperature. You can not do much about the environment temperature expect dressing appropriate for it. But when your body temperature gets to high you can lower your training intensity if needed.

By measuring the respiration you can determine the quality of breathing. Frequency, intensity and duration are all things that can be determined. When you use proper breath during your workout you can exercise for longer periods, increase your blood flow through your body and prevent injuries.

When combining the measurements of respiration and heart rate, the intensity of a training can be determined more accurate. The heart rate is standing in relation with your breathing and vice versa. When the heartrate goes up you’re breathing rate will also go up. So, by focussing on your breathing you can reduce the heartrate quicker and it is easier to keep the intensity pace of your workout.

One of the main reasons why people train is to get the shortest time at a specific distance or race. All you got the do to get the shortest time is get the highest speed. So speed is one of the main points to train for. To maintain a specific pace for as long as possible all of the above signals have to be as optimized as possible.

In combination with time and distance, speed is one of the best ways to visualize your progress. It can also showcase your strengths and weaknesses. For example it can show you if you’re better in a training that’s long and with a slower pace or short and high intensity.

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