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BodyGraph loves agile working. In short sprints we bring an idea to a Proof of Concept (PoC). Together with our partners and the customer, this is developed into prototypes and models. A feasibility study is a standard element in our process.

Customer-focussed and specific

Next to developing and producing the signature BodyGraph product line, BodyGraph is also prepared to work on the instructions of third parties. This way, the specific requirements of the customer are individually translated to a product with numbers and subsequent service levels. Please get in touch for more information.


The app providing the feedback can operate on Android, iOS or a cloud server. What is needed is a 4G, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. The smart wearables are connected by means of smart Bluetooth (BLE). In some cases, a stand-alone feature can be necessary.


On request, BodyGraph is able to customise a product and the accompanying app for a specific brand or target group. Please get in touch for more information.


The smart sensors BodyGraph uses in the textile of its smartshirts, can also be used in other ways. The possibilities of application are countless. By now, BodyGraph has gained a great deal of experience with the development and application of the sensors, as well as the translation of the data generated by the sensors. If you think that ‘smart sensoring’ can have added value for you or your (working) environment, please contact us without any obligation about consultancy.

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