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Our services

By developing in short design cycles called sprints in close contact with our partners and clients, we start from idea to proof-of-concept (PoC). From there, we integrate prototypes and first series in a very short time span.


For customers that manage their own project and/or product development in smart wearables but, just need some input or a missing link to keep on going can request for our consultancy services.

Feasability study

Customers that want to test their idea or concept on feasibility in terms of function, cost and package can ask for a Feasibility Study. Sometimes this also involves  taking relevant factors into account—including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations to create a first proof-of-concept.

Development project

With preliminary research we manage, deliver and execute Project development aiming at turning promising innovation ideas into feasible project concepts, with tested prototypes, beta or final products depending on the projects maturity.

Device products

Manage the production and delivery of devices and products in small to large series according to the demand and the after-market services level agreed on with the customer.

User applications

Based on the customer input, needs and requirements, we create, design and build user applications in Android, iOS or directly in a cloud-server. The cloud applications are usually connected to 4G, Bluetooth or WiFi and the wearables usually via smart bluetooth (BLE). Some products require stand-alone functionality with a built-in application.

Market customisation

For customers that buy a smart wearable package with subscription we provide engineering services to reshape and customize the product in collaboration with the application to the specific brand or target market.

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