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The smartshirt for the care sector

The BodyGraph smartshirt is also very suitable to use in the care sector. Especially since it can be worn underneath regular clothing. Specifically for this discipline, the sensors will also include fall detection. In addition, the smartshirt accurately monitors six bodily functions of the wearer.

The Details

The details

In a health care environment the smartshirt can be a useful tool. The biometric sensors embedded in the shirt are slightly adapted to serve this specific use, for example by monitoring the exact position of the wearer. A fall is immediately detected. In addition, the biometric sensors monitor body temperature, skin conductance, fluid balance, breathing and heart rate. The feedback can be read out both locally and remotely. For privacy purposes of the patient, the feedback can also be provided to one dedicated person, like the care provider or informal caregiver. This person is immediately notified of any deviating signals.

The smartshirt responds to the challenges in the health care sector and supports caregivers who can spend more time on other tasks. The data collected by the biometric sensors can serve as supporting data for diagnosing and decision-making.



Many smart wearables use wrist sensors. The BodyGraph smartshirt uses electronic sensors on the upper part of the body, woven into the textile of the shirt. The measurement data are translated by self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence into real time feedback.

  • Heart rate: heart rate is a key indicator. The BodyGraph smartshirt measures the actual heart rate of the wearer. Any deviations are immediately noticeable.
  • Fluid balance: even a dehydration of 2% can cause problems. The built-in sensors measure the loss of fluids and indicate when the wearer needs to start drinking.
  • Conductance: the skin conducts electricity. The level of conductance indicates the level of exertion.
  • Temperature: a rise in body temperature is immediately noted by the biometric sensors woven into the shirt. In this way, a fever, for example, can be addressed as soon as it presents itself.
  • Breathing: proper breathing regulates the amount of oxygen in the blood. The combination of heart rate and breathing is a reliable indicator of the current health status of the wearer.
  • Movement and fall detection: the BodyGraph smartshirt also monitors the wearer’s movements, speed and detailed position. A fall is immediately detected, alerting caregivers or emergency services.
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