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Investor Readiness Program

Investor Readiness Program

Investor Readiness Program

The Investor Readiness Program of BOM Brabant Ventures has given us insight into the financing options for the startup.

  • Is my business case fully worked out?
  • Do I know all the financing options for my startup?

Business case

Together with business developer Lisette Tilmans of the LIOF, we have reviewed our business case and looked again at the proposition, but this time through the eyes of a financier. In addition, we have been given a picture of the possibilities that early phase financing sources offer. In individual sessions, all the building blocks of our business case were taken over again.

Financing request

During the program we were coached on market validation, customer validation, proposition, but also on our team and company culture. In the meantime, in plenary meetings we have received feedback from participants, from the business Developer and from financial and knowledge partners who are closely involved in the investor readiness program. For example, we have prepared ourselves in 10 weeks for a successful financing application. We also went through the following points:

  • Together with the Netherlands Patent Office we have developed an initial IP strategy.
  • A legal scan has mapped the risks of the business structure and the business case of the startup.
  • A team analysis has given us insight into the qualities of our core team and any points for improvement.

Together with the business developer, we have drawn up a practical and concrete plan in preparation for our financing applications with the help of the business developer.

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