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Innovation In Cycling

Innovation in cycling


With data to a better world. The possibilities for innovation in cycling are growing. Heart rate and power meters are commonly used. Data is read out and used in various ways to achieve performance and health improvements. Innovation in cycling not only focuses on the use of tools for data acquisition and analysis, but also on the racing bike itself and bicycle computers, for instance.

Smart wearables

The major breakthrough of smart wearables is the integration of technology in sports equipment. Aspects monitored by coaches or medical personnel are parameters such as breathing, muscle tension, skin conductance, temperature and strength. This information together provides an up-to-date overview of the fitness of an athlete and his physical capacities.

Textile Coach

BodyGraph wants to contribute to a world in which smart clothing is the new standard. We start with the development of an innovative smartshirt, which we call the Textile Coach. Our smart shirt measures six signals. Heart rate, respiration, skin conductance, temperature, movement and finally fluid balance, something that currently cannot be done real time. Loss of performance as a result of dehydration will become a thing of the past. The innovative Textile Coach indicates when and how much fluid your body needs.

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