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Incubation Program Brightlands Innovation Factory

Incubation program Brightlands Innovation Factory

Incubation program

The incubation program of the Brightlands Innovation Factory is a 10-week boot camp with an intensive program. The participants are a select group of startups from all over the world. In this program professionals from different fields help the startups with different aspects. As a result the business model canvas will be optimized for the startups target market.


Brightlands Innovation Factory (BIF) arose from the need to create an attractive environment for startups from all over the world in Limburg. The main activity is to guide startups to successful companies.

With our startup BodyGraph we have participated in the incubation program. Although it was a difficult and hectic time at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, we were able to lay the foundation for our startup. We did this with great pleasure and enthusiasm. The idea of ​​combating work-related stress with a device and cables was a noble and ambitious idea. After the necessary investigations, we came to the conclusion that this would be a much too complicated market to start with. We had to find a new market for our idea.


During the BIF Get Out of The Building event we held a pitch for dozens of entrepreneurs and experts. We did not only held a series of fun and interesting conversations, but we also recruited an advisory group for the future. With this advisory group, BodyGraph eventually adapted the Business Model Canvas. The device and cables were replaced by a smart wearable shirt. Beside, the market for work-related stress has been replaced by the cycling market.

During the incubation program, BodyGraph won both the Proof Of Concept grant and the MIT feasibility grant. However, this is done with the help of experts and external parties. Most importantly, this has examined the technical and economic feasibility of the smart wearable shirt.

BodyGraph is currently working with Team Sunweb on a product that will allow Tom Dumoulin to win the Tour de France!

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