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Hero Movie Rabobank

Hero Movie Rabobank

“BodyGraph is located in a basement in the heart of Heythuysen. This innovative start-up develops wearables with which you can simultaneously measure six body signals. Cycling team Sunweb is very interested! ”

Hero Movie

The “hero” video was created in collaboration with Rabobank Peel Maas and Leudal. From early in the morning until late at night, a script was used to make the story clear. With the help of a camera crew and a fanatic cyclist from the area, beautiful images were made about the product “The Textile Coach” and about the collaboration with Rabobank. The end result was achieved by means of drone images, a go-pro and new equipment with sensor technology for making close-up images. This video makes the BodyGraph story clear to everyone!

Subordinated Innovation Loan

Rabobank provides starting entrepreneurs the opportunity to apply for the subordinated innovation loan for the start-up of the bv. This form of financing is aimed at starters who aim for innovation and development within four themes. BodyGraph fell within the theme of vitability, or making a contribution to sustainable solutions within the healthcare sector such as medical tech. Rabobank has granted the subordinated innovation loan for this. Although our first market is the cycling market, there are plenty of opportunities to make a positive contribution within the healthcare sector, and BodyGraph wants to go there!


This collaboration has made it possible for BodyGraph to further develop the smart shirt. The first prototypes are currently being made and can be tested in Q2 / Q3 2020. This test phase will be carried out in collaboration with the cyclists and coaches / data analysts of Team Sunweb. In collaboration with LIME, the healthcare sector is being looked into. The purpose of BodyGraph is to be able to support the people who need or provide healthcare in their daily activities.

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