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The smartshirt for cycling

The smartshirt for cycling is the first tangible product with which BodyGraph will conquer the market. Not only does the smartshirt accurately monitor six functions, it also provides the wearer with real time tailor-made feedback and advice, based on one’s personal measurement data. It is this extra layer of information that makes BodyGraph unique.

The Details

The details

Wearing e.g. a heart rate meter is not particularly comfortable. For that reason, BodyGraph has embedded biometric sensors into the shirt’s fabric to measure the main bodily functions. This makes additional measuring equipment superfluous. The smartshirt then combines the data with deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. No other smart wearables are capable of doing so.

As a cyclist, your bicycle computer serves as your personal coach, as the dedicated BodyGraph app sends your real time performance feedback straight to your cyclocomputer. Naturally, the app also works on your smartphone. Real time feedback during training or competition improves decision making.

Currently, the first prototypes are being tested, together with Team Sunweb.



Many smart wearables use wrist sensors. The BodyGraph smartshirt uses electronic sensors on the upper part of the body, woven into the textile of the shirt. The measurement data are translated by self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence into real time feedback on your health and performance.

  • Heart rate: heart rate is one of the key aspects of your workout. The BodyGraph smartshirt measures your actual heart rate, the heart rate zone you’re in and how quickly your heart rate returns to normal after the workout, the so-called recovery time.
  • Fluid balance: even a dehydration of 2% will noticeably impact your performance. This can already occur within one hour of exercising. The built-in sensors measure the loss of fluids and give you real time feedback on the amount of fluids needed for optimal performance.
  • Temperature: your body temperature is determined by the temperature of the environment and the level of exertion. The first you cannot influence, the intensity of your workout on the other hand, you can.
  • Breathing: during high-intensity training, the breathing rate, depth and quality of breathing is crucial. Proper breathing regulates the amount of oxygen in the blood and results in improved performance. The combination of heart rate and breathing is a reliable indicator of the intensity of your workout and your physical capacities.
  • Movement and location: it goes without saying that the BodyGraph smartshirt also measures speed, distance covered and your location. In many disciplines, distance combined with speed is an important indicator of your strengths and weaknesses.
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