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Innovation in cycling
Innovation With data to a better world. The possibilities for innovation in cycling are growing. Heart rate and power meters are commonly used. Data is read out and used in various ways to achieve performance and health improvements. Innovation in cycling not only focuses on the use of tools for
Data collectiion
Pim Luijten
Data in sport What does sports data mean for daily sports practice? Many of the current apps and bracelets make too little use of personal information and do not cater for the wishes of the user. Even though overall data usage is booming, tailoring data to a specific target is
Pim Luijten
Super hydration Did you know that in 2017, a University of Texas football coach created a urine-based “Longhorn Football Hydration Chart,” which labelled players with light urine as “selfish teammates” and those with dark urine as “bad guys”. This “hydration shaming” practice has permeated high school sports, thereby encouraging a
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