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sports data
Pim Luijten
Data in sport What does sports data mean for daily sports practice? Many of the current apps and bracelets still make too little use of personal information. Apps and bracelets are regularly sold or end up in the trash bin. This is because these products do not respond well to
Investor readiness program
Pim Luijten
Investor Readiness Program The Investor Readiness Program of BOM Brabant Ventures has given us insight into the financing options for the startup. Is my business case fully worked out? Do I know all the financing options for my startup? Business case Together with business developer Lisette Tilmans of the LIOF,
Sports and dehydration
Pim Luijten
Super hydration Did you know that in 2017, a University of Texas football coach created a urine-based “Longhorn Football Hydration Chart,” which labeled players with yellow urine as “selfish teammates” and those with brown urine as “bad guys.” This “hydration shaming” practice has permeated high school sports, thereby encouraging a
Brightlands incubation program
Pim Luijten
Incubation program The incubation program of the Brightlands Innovation Factory is a 10-week boot camp with an intensive program. The participants are a select group of startups from all over the world. In this program professionals from different fields help the startups with different aspects. As a result the business
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