The Team

We started BodyGraph because we believe that people can do much more with their body than they know. The current smart wearables just show you numbers but the translation from number to meaning you have to make yourself. With our smart shirt people can start knowing because we give you reliable and applicable advice about your health and wellbeing instead of just a number. The smart shirt will be a platform with infinite different applications. Our first application will be the cycling sport. From here we can grow to other sports and different sectors. In ten years we want to be the world leader in smart textile technology. Where our smart shirt helps you in your daily life by giving advice that constantly adapts to your unique lifestyle.

Pim Luijten

Chief Marketing Officer

Pim his strength lays in connecting the right people to get great things done together. “If you can get the best out of people and combine those strengths, nothing is impossible.” When something catches his interest he totally digs into it till he knows everything about it. He received a B.S. in Commercial Management from the Zuyd University Business School. Pim is fascinated with human performance and is always looking to perform better!

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Joris Janssen

Chief Executive Officer

Joris’ passion is developing product experiences that people love. He believes awesome solutions exist for tough problems and that cutting edge technology should be easy to use. “Creating problems is easy. We do it all the time. Finding solutions, ones that last and produce good results, requires guts and care.” Joris received a BSc in Biometrics from the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. During his free time you can find him doing CrossFit, running or hanging out with his friends.

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Alexander Kievits

Chief Technical Officer

Alexander began his career in the world of ICT and programming, but found a passion and a home in consumer and medtech, pushing boundaries and developing innovative healthcare solutions. Prior to BodyGraph, Alexander was the software designer at UbuTech. He received his BSc. in Biometrics from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. His free time usually exists of hiking and espousing the wonders of new technical innovations and cryptocurrencies .

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The partners

Together with our partners we want to enable people to enjoy a new kind of smart wearable. To make this possible we are partnering up with Technical Universities and different health tech companies to get the best out of the current technologies. If you are interested in a partnership don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to talk to you.