Taking Smart Wearables to the Next Level!

BodyGraph wants to disrupt the smart wearable industry by becoming the first company in the world that combines smart textile technology and deep learning algorithms to give people precise and personalized advice about their bodysignals.

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BodyGraph Smart Shirts - Taking Smart Wearables To The Next Level!

BodyGraph is a start-up company that wants to specialize itself in the translation from body signals to meaning.

Our bio-engineered platform enables six different sensors for a wide range of different applications. BodyGraph is currently developing its initial product: a smart wearable which consist of a shirt where smart textiles are used to integrate different sensors in the textile. Our Smart Wearable Shirt is designed to monitor the Respiration, Cardiac activity, Body-movement, Body-temperature and Skin Conductance. Furthermore the hydration loss is measured that empowers athletes to optimize their hydration level in real-time.

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Taking smart wearables to the next level!

People want to know more and more about their health and well-being. With all the different smart wearables nowadays it is easier than ever before. But these smart wearables are not personalized enough to give precise feedback for your body.

BodyGraph wants to take smart wearables to the next level with the help of deep learning algorithms and smart textiles. This allows us to process the complex measurements in two different ways. The direct way is what the current smart wearables already do. But we go one step further by not giving the user some numbers but helpful advice, to start acting.

Deep Learning Algorithms
The anonymous data of all the product users will be send to our special developed cloud-service. With the help of machine learning correlations between signals can be made, which will give new personalized insights. These insights will be displayed back to the user. In this manner the shirt will learn from the user and overtime the advice will be more and more accurate and personal.

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BodyGraph Smart Shirt

BodyGraph is developing a smart wearable shirt, that will give accurate measurements and translate these in real advice. The smart shirt will eventually be a platform were the applications of it will be endless.

Another problem BodyGraph wants to solve is the incorrect and unreliable way that smart wearables acquire their data these days. Current smart wearables just measure one or two signals and these measurements takes mostly place at the wrist. This causes measurements that are less reliable and precisely.

Because we are measuring six different signals on the upper body in combination with artificial intelligence we can make more complex connections between the signals, this results in more information which can be translated to personal advice. Furthermore can our smart shirt be worn underneath regular clothing so you won’t see or feel it.

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