Real-time personalized advice to optimize the finer details of your workout.

ECG Heartrate sensors

Heart activity is one of the key aspects of your workout. By using a shirt the same measuring techniques that are used in hospitals can be used. This ensures the best measuring accuracy.

Activity sensors

This sensor determines among other things your activity intensity. It will give you feedback about how to recover and helps you prevent overtraining injuries.

Seamless design

With our seamless design you will not only get the most accurate data but you also won’t notice it your being measured.

Breathing sensor

The breathing rate, depth and quality of breathing is crucial during exercise. The Textile Coach can help you with this, so you will breathe with more ease

Temperature sensors

By measuring the change of the ambient temperature the shirt will remind you when to drink to prevent overheating.

Our shirt

A battery that keeps up with you

With a fully charged battery, measurements can be taken for at least 12 hours.

Connecting with ease

Easy to attach to the shirt and connect with your phone.
The core module collects and sends the data to the app.

Never misses a beat

When internet connection is lost the data is stored on the device.

Lightweight and shockproof

The casing has been designed so it lightweight and can survive a fall

Our core module

Our cycling app

Dynamic training schemes

Personalized advice

Compatible with existing hardware

Dynamic Training schemes

Get a training plan that adapts to your progress and is based on your personal goal

Personalized advice

Get real-time advices to get the most out of your training

Hydration Indicator

Even a dehydration of 2% will noticeably impact your performance. With the Textile Coach you won’t forget to drink

Compatible with existing hardware

Connect your power meter to get even more specific and complete training advises. It’s even possible to connect your heart rate belt when your shirt is being washed.


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Hardware Development

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Communication & Finance

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Marketing & Sales